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Your contribution helps in preserving and ensuring sustained growth of Lily’s educational, healthcare and disaster relief projects in India.

Your Sponsorship Opportunities

AALO Study Home AALO Primary Coaching Home AALO High School Coaching Home
 A1: “I Own My Study    Home”-Rs.108400/-
A2: “No Kid Left  Hungry” –  Rs.34900/-
A3: “Kids Look  Smart”-Rs.6500/-
A4: ”Kids Read Well”-  Rs.6500/-
B1: “I Own My Primary Coaching Home”-Rs.54200/-
B2: Support Primary Coaching Home-Rs.32300/-
C1: “I Own My High School Coaching Home”-Rs.83900/-
C2: Support HSCH 10-Rs.35500/-
SMILE Scholarship Education Centre Others
D1:”White Lily”-SMILE (20 yrs)-Rs.180000/-
D2:”Pink Lily”-SMILE (10 yrs)-Rs.90000/-
D3:”Blue Lily”-SMILE (5 yrs)-Rs.45000/-
D4: SMILE Sponsor-High School-Rs.9000/-
D5: SMILE Sponsor-College-Rs.20000/-
E1: “I Own My Computer Centre”-Rs.390000/-
E2: “I Run My Computer Centre”-Rs.194000/-
E3:”Learn Well Computer”-Rs.32300/-
E4:” Donate Hardware”-Rs.16200/-
E5: “Learn Sewing”-Rs.9500/-
E6:”I Own My Voc. Centre”-Pre-decided Amt
E7:” I Own My Book bank”-Rs.32300/-
Education General: Any Amount
Health Care: Any Amount
Disaster Relief: Any Amount
Donation Project
Donation Amount ₹